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UV Tanning at Tanique



Ergoline 200 

Sundash Pro 

Don't let the name "Base Bed" fool you.  This little powerhouse is actually the most aggressive tanning bed in our shop. This is not for fair skinned people.  This is advanced tanning at its finest.  You should already have a base tan for this bed unless you prepare to take it really slow. Great for acne, and light therapy.

The Ergoline 200, is affectionatly know as "The Turbo" in Tanique. It is our most popular base tan builder. Fair skinned tanners are this beds best customer.  It is the most gentle tanning bed in our shop.  The conservative tanners best friend.

The Silver Bullet SE

The Silver Bullet is Tanique's premier tanning bed. It is ultra browning and has all of the bells and whistles High Pressure facials, body and face fans, and a very large tanning surface, makes this a really comfotable luxury ride.. The Bullet is great to use if you have a slight base tan.  It is the bed to tan in if you have a function to go to on short notice.  The color is hands down, awesome! 

The Alpha 4800

ALPHA 4800.jpg

Welcome our Newest Beauty.  Affectionatly known as

"The Princess Bed". The Alpha 4800 is the most technologically advanced bed in the industry.  Using predominantly UVA, this bed produces a deep dark tan with minimum to no reddening.  It is good for any level tanner, and you will be able to show off fantastic color in just 5-6 sessions.  When used in conjunction with the Silver Bullet, you will have the most spectacular color we could possibly offer you.  

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