Versa Spa Spray Tan Booth!


The Queen of all Sunless Airbrush

Tanning Booths is now at Tanique Suntan Salon in Oradell, NJ.  This fully automated, open air booth takes all of 4 minutes to complete. There are only four easy positions to learn. Infared heat will keep you warm and cozy during your spray session. This unit also completely dries your body so that you are ready to get dressed immediately after your session. No more towels or hairdryers. Airbrush tan results with the privacy and price you deserve. These are just some of the amazing benefits of this sunless tanning powerhouse. We provide you with barrier cream, sticky feet, hair caps, nose plugs and eyewear. Choose the clear or bronze option with light, medium or dark levels.  We could help you determine that by your skin tone and desired affect.

Pre-Sunless Preperation:

SHOWER AND EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN WITH A NON-OILY BASED BODY SCRUB. Please shave your legs and have manicure or pedicure before your Airbrush Tan. The best spray tan results come from proper skin preparation. We have a special pre-tan PH balancing moisturizer that is recommended for use prior to spray tanning as well. You can spray tan without it, but it is the one step Tanique suggests you don't leave out.

We sell the pre-tan intensifier in packet form and bottle form. A very little is necessary for optimum results, so a litlle goes a long way. Don't forget to get your mani/pedi's prior to spray tanning. Wear loose clothing!

After Sunless Maintenance


Do not use bar soap. You will only be using body wash now as your means of washing your body when showering to preserve your spray tan. Only use your hands to wash your body. Puffs and or loofas will sluff off skin and color and you do not want to fade your color. Use of Versa Spa intensify lotion to moisturize in between to keep your skin moist as maintenance.  Available for purchase.