Silver Bullet SE Tanning Bed Silver Bullet SE
Silver Bullet SE utilizes 42 high intensity, 160 watt VHR lamps along with three 800 watt high-pressure facial lamps two 600 watts shoulder tanning bulbs for unparalleled tanning performance. In addition it has a self-contained air conditioning unit along with triple distilled scented mist for your convenience at the touch of a button. The Silver Bullet is recommended for all tanners who desire 12 minutes of pampering in the ultimate tanning machine.
Tanning Bed Upright Starship Ultra 220

Starship Ultra 220
Welcome to the fastest and most powerful booth in the industry of tanning today! 8 Minute Maximum tan time.  10,000 watts of UV.  This is for the ultimate tanning booth for the tanner on the go.  In and out within 10 minutes with unsurpassed results!  The ultra intense fan supplies 24mph winds that keep you comfortable and cool!

Located at:
340 Kinderkamack Rd
Oradell, NJ 07649


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Tanning Bed Turbo Charged Bronze, Ambition 200Ambition 200
This Turbo Charged Bronzing Bed has curved acrylics for optimal comfort. Super strong ventilation and body cooler fan makes tanning a breeze. Kick it up a notch ! Boosted VLR reflector lamps are "boosted" by 120 watt ballasts for 20% greater output. 6,440 watts. Maximum session time 15 minutes. Beginners Delight and Super Bronze maintenance for Advanced Tanners.

Sundash Pro Tanning BedSundash Pro
The modern design of the sleek new Sundash Pro Tanning Series is as clever as it is beautiful.  The UV performance of the Sundash 332 PRO is everything you'd expect from the world leader in tanning technology and delivers a powerfully beautiful tan for all tanners. Whether the tanner chooses the 15 or 20 minute versions of this little powerhouse, tanning bed the results will be sure to please the most discriminating tanner, at an exceptionally reasonable price.Suntan Female

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